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1. What is the length of the migration period from the existing to trunking system?
2. At its implementation, will we be able to choose the manufacturer or make of our radios?
3. Presently we have what we refer to as a private channel. Will we have this capability with 800 MHz?
4. If the answer to the above question is no, will we ever be able to choose the make?
5. After the conclusion of the migration period, will the county utilize conventional interface?
6. How many new towers will be erected with the 800 MHz system?
7. How many channels do you plan on having?
8. What will the price of the radios be?
9. Will the County be able to develop a contract purchasing plan to assist us in acquiring radios?
10. Will the County guarantee that service will be equitable between different services and/or agencies.
11. Will there be enough channels to avoid “wait tones”?
12. Will we have encryption capabilities?
13. Will the system be set for MDT usage?
14. If a site fails, will we be able to utilize another site even with multiple failures?
15. What is the direct unit to unit communications capability, without using a repeater?
16. Will there be a multi-site controller?
17. Has the Fayette County 800 MHz trunking experience been reviewed?
18. Would it be advisable for us to retain some of our current high band radios?
19. Will we be able to program our own radios?