Election Results

Westmoreland County ENR website screenshot

The Westmoreland County Board of Elections has partnered with Scytl for Election Night Reporting (ENR) on our website.

Results will be uploaded at approximately 9:30 pm on election night. Updates will occur periodically throughout the night until all polling locations have reported. Election night results will include all ballots cast at the precincts and absentees. Mail-in ballots may take several days to upload and count.

The system provides each user the ability to customize their viewing experience to fit the size of any viewing screen and the ability to select “My Favorite Races” to track. Visitors will also have access to a graphical view of in-depth county results, including a breakdown of votes received by contest, candidate, and Precinct. Downloadable reports, custom filtering, and maps illustrating Precincts reporting, voter turnout, and results are also available.

Official Westmoreland County Election Night Results for November 8, 2022 General Election (updated 12/14/22)
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