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Westmoreland County 250th Anniversary Amateur Photo Contest (Non-Employee)

  1. Photo Contest Application

    Westmoreland County is hosting an amateur photo contest! Please fill out the application below to submit your photo. Please upload one high-quality photo per submission; you may submit a maximum of three (3) photos for the contest. Limit to one prize per contestant.

  2. Minimum photo width: 2200 pixels
    Horizontal (Landscape) Photo Orientation
    Approximate photo size: 1MB or larger
    Resolution: 72 dpi or higher

    Preferred file types: JPEG, JPG, TIFF, or PNG. 

    Identify photograph by renaming file in the following format: 

    Category (People; Nature; or Places), Photographer's Name (last and first), Photo Subject, Photo Location


    Nature Smith John Dog Greensburg
    Places Doe Jane Carnival Murrysville

  3. By submitting this application and image,
    1) the Applicant acknowledges that any persons appearing in submitted photograph have given the Applicant and Westmoreland County consent for reproduction and promotional use AND
    2) I have read and agree to the Rules and Guidelines of the Westmoreland County 250th Anniversary Amateur Photo Contest. *
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