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Post Election Survey

  1. Do you anticipate being a Judge for the next election?
  2. Would you be interested in having high school students work on your board?
  3. Are you registered and able to vote in the precinct in which you work?
  4. Were you able to set up the machines in a private manner?
  5. Do you need help setting up your voting machines?
  6. Did you have a problem getting into the polling location?
  7. Are lines an issue in your precinct on Election Day?
  8. If so is this something that needs addressed?
  9. Did you call the courthouse to verify any voters?
  10. Were the errors corrected by a phone call to the courthouse of by a technician in the field?
  11. When do you contact your Election Board Members (select all that apply):
  12. Do you have/need any additional names for new board members?
  13. Did you have any problems with watchers in your precinct?
  14. Did any voters have a hard time locating the entrance to your polling location?
  15. Do you have any changes to address, phone number, and Election Board members?
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