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Fiscal System Survey

  1. Do you have an alternate fiscal system and no longer anticipate using the Fiscal System in CAPS for general fiscal functions and reporting moving forward?
  2. Are you using CAPS fiscal now and will you continue to need to use CAPS for fiscal functions and reporting?
  3. Will you be retiring your current fiscal system in the foreseeable future and are you interested in converting to CAPS as your fiscal system?
  4. Would you like to be included in our statewide and regional CAPS Fiscal meetings and workgroups?
  5. Please list additional contacts here

  6. Would you and/or others in your agency by available to help test upcoming CAPS Fiscal upgrades?
  7. Please list contact information for all persons who can be contacted to assist testing fiscal upgrades

  8. Are you or someone in your agency interested in serving as a Governance Board member for CAPS Fiscal?
  9. Please list additional contacts here for Governance Board member interest

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