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Survey for Stakeholders of Westmoreland County BHDS/EI

  1. Pennsylvania map with Westmoreland County in blue

  2. The Westmoreland County Office of Behavioral Health/Developmental Services /Early Intervention Services (BH/DS/EI) strives to meet the needs of all consumers in Westmoreland County. We would like to hear your opinion about the services we provide, as well as offer us feedback about the programs we monitor.

  3. The survey will be available until May 31, 2018. We thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey.

  4. 2. Please rate the overall effectiveness of the following:

  5. Westmoreland County Offices of BH/DS/EI

  6. Value Behavioral Health (VBH), our Managed Care Organization

  7. Westmoreland Casemanagement Services, Inc. (WCSI), Our Base Service Unit

  8. Westmoreland County Providers of Direct Services

  9. 3. What is your overall satisfaction with Behavioral Health Services?

  10. 4. What is your overall satisfaction with Developmental Disability Services?

  11. 5. What is your overall satisfaction with Early Intervention Services?

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