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Adult Probation

  1. Adult Probation - Change of residence, address, or telephone

    Use this form to keep your probation officer informed of any changes to your current residence, address or telephone number

  1. Adult Probation - Employment Change Form

    A critical part of your probation/parole supervision is keeping your supervising officer informed or your employment situation or other... More…

Agency on Aging

  1. Request Information

    Please note: If you are requesting a contact for a person other than yourself, please indicate your name, agency (if applicable) and... More…

Juror Services

  1. Juror Excusal & Postponement Request Form

    Use this form to request excusal or postponement from your scheduled jury service.

Planning Division

  1. Transportation - Public Participation

    Please complete this form to submit your recommendation for transportation improvement or enhancement.

Public Safety

  1. Annual Emergency Management Seminar for Local Elected & Public Safety Officials
  2. Project Submission Form
  3. Swift Water Rescue Team Form

    The following form will be utilized by the Swift Water Rescue Teams for reporting status, personnel & apparatus in the event of... More…

  1. Program Tour Request
  2. Situation Report Form

    This form will be utilized after an emergency/disaster to submit a Situation Report (SITREP) to the Westmoreland County Department of... More…


  1. 2020 Wellness Qualification Submission

    Complete this form to submit your Wellness Qualifier Verification Form information.

  2. Wellness MAPS New/Renewal Application Form for 2023 Qualifications

    Complete this form to qualify for the 2023 Wellness program. This form will be used for both returning MAPS members and new MAPS... More…

  1. Retiree Wellness Notification Registration

    Collects information from retirees so they can be added to Notify Me Retiree List (hidden from public)