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1. What businesses may maintain in-person operations based on the Yellow Phase of Reopening?
2. What categories of businesses are required to continue to suspend in-person operations in the Yellow Phase according to the Governor's Process to Reopen Pennsylvania Plan?
3. What type of businesses fall under "indoor recreation", "health and wellness facilities", and "all entertainment" categories? (Required continued suspension of in-person operation)
4. My business is in a category allowed to maintain in-person operations, or I was granted an exemption, what should I do to keep employees safe?
5. If a business is classified as non-life-sustaining, but has the ability to operate remotely, must the business close down?
6. How many cases have recovered?
7. Is there a breakdown of cases by municipality for Westmoreland County?
8. What is the definition of a "probable" case which are now included in our daily updates?
9. Where can I report non-essential businesses still being open?
10. How/Where can I donate PPE supplies to first responders?
11. Where/How Do I get tested in Westmoreland County for COVID-19?
12. What are the restrictions during the Stay at Home order?
13. Who is your Local Emergency Management Coordinator?