Is Blackburn Center continuing its services?

Blackburn Center is continuing to provide 24/7 services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and other crimes. This includes hotline and counseling/therapy, and emergency shelter specifically for victims of domestic violence. We have adapted services to allow for social distancing.  – Ann Emmerling, Blackburn Center

 Please listen to Ann Emmerling’s description of the Blackburn Center’s services from the recording of the April 9th meeting.

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1. CARES Act FAQ Provider Relief Fund
2. Dr. Fox, what can we do if an individual has no PCP and no health insurance? – Melissa McKowen
3. Applying for unemployment may be challenging. Can we give resources during calls for accomplishing this?
4. What is the location of the Excela testing center? - Kim Louie, Sonward Youth Programs
5. Is anyone at the 911 dispatch center now? Or are they all virtual? -Ann LeCuyer
6. How can older adults and people with disabilities access the United Way grocery shopping assistance service?
7. How do we bridge gaps with clients who do not have transportation to food banks? - Sandra Smith
8. My organization needs masks. Where can I get some?
9. We have heard from other facilities (residential facilities) that they were overlooked in FEMA's relief plan, and they do not have access to the PPEs. Any recommendations for them? - Kim Pape
10. Is Blackburn Center continuing its services?
11. How are Westmoreland Drug & Alcohol and SPHS Drug & Alcohol addressing case management and treatment with their consumers?
12. I am receiving calls and emails for resources to assist very low income or rural families who don't have the resources or internet access to continue education. - Carol Dunlap, Valley Youth House
13. Does Westmoreland have a stockpile of PPEs and what is the process so that we get our fair share? - Scott Harshman
14. With the Governor now requiring employers to provide masks for essential workers, is there a resource where we can get these? -Ron Weaver
15. How can non-profit volunteers help...We have volunteers making mask coverings...what else is needed? -Val Wilson Paulisick, MSW CEO, Director, Rewind-Reuse Center and Workshop
16. Is it possible to offer links to grant opportunities? -Kim Pape
17. What is being done on de-incarceration of low level, non-violent offenders? – Michael Pardus
18. I had heard of a safe place or quarantine area that might be set up. Can we hear more about that and how it will be staffed? - Jamie Walker
19. Has there been an avenue to reach out to these at risk youth through the schools or any other entity other than CYS?
20. Are there any other housing and supportive programs working specifically with young people ages 16- 24 besides the ones through the Coordinated Entry System?
21. What is the link for the Broadband Survey?
22. Has the county started to do SARS-CoV-2 virus testing and contact tracing for individuals in those specific hot spots to help control the spread of the virus? – Scott Harshman
23. Can we get the Facebook group that Bud Mertz was referring to? – Maureen Zang
24. Are there numbers of a decline in cases in Westmoreland County to be able to open the County safely and start the State phases of opening our area? – Ann Powell
25. Has the county started to do SARS-CoV-2 virus testing and contact tracing for individuals in those specific hot spots to help control the spread of the virus? -Scott Harshman