What if my court order says I have to participate in IL?

While WCCB encourages you to participate in IL services if you are eligible, it is a voluntary service.  If you choose not to participate, you can fill out a refusal of services form.  While you are in the custody of WCCB, an IL Social Worker will still be available to meet with you once every 6 months, or so, in conjunction with the development of your Child Permanency Plan, to offer you information and help you plan for a successful transition to adulthood, if you or your caseworker request to meet.  Your WCCB caseworker will need to schedule this with the IL Social Worker, since your case will not be active in IL.  It is very important that YOU, with the help of the agency, plan for your discharge from care.  Your CPP should say who will help you with your transition and how those people will help you.  Make sure you take your CPP and Transition Plan seriously, and that you participate in the development of both.  Don’t forget, you have the right to invite some permanent connections to these meetings.

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