When will I move to IL?

Westmoreland County Children’s Bureau Independent Living is not a placement.  It is a program that is offered to all youth who meet eligibility criteria.  Some youth can be placed in different types of placement settings where the youth can enhance their independent living skills and utilize those skills in a less structured environment. Specific placements are based on a number of things including caseworker recommendation and the final decision is made by a Court Master or Judge.

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1. When will I move to IL?
2. Will WCCB or IL pay for my college?
3. How will I do IL if my permanency goal is not APPLA?
4. Can I participate in IL services if I leave agency custody?
5. What if my court order says I have to participate in IL?
6. Will IL give me a car?
7. Will IL give me an apartment?
8. If I don’t participate in IL now, but change my mind, can I get IL services later?
9. Will IL get me a job?
10. What can I do if I feel my rights are being violated or I disagree with a decision that is made about me while I am in agency custody?
11. Can I be in agency custody and/or participate in IL services if I am married?