Who helps fund the Land Bank?

The Westmoreland County Land Bank is a governmental entity that seeks foundation money and grants for rehab projects, of which the resulting revenue helps operate the Land Bank. Member municipalities also contribute in-kind services and work with the Land Bank to ensure neighborhood stabilization. 

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1. How is the Land Bank different than a Redevelopment Authority?
2. What are the main ways the Land Bank acquires properties?
3. What are some noteworthy projects the WCLB has taken on since inception?
4. Can the Land Bank help me demolish a blighted property in my neighborhood?
5. Does the Land Bank accept donated properties, and what would be some of the advantages for doing so?
6. Do you have to be a contractor to buy and rehab a Land Bank property?
7. Who helps fund the Land Bank?
8. Are Land Banks a new concept?
9. How do I purchase a Land Bank property?