What is CASSP?
Child & Adolescent Service System Program (CASSP) is a system service model that was established at the federal level to improve treatment and service delivery across systems for children and adolescents in their communities; Pennsylvania implemented the CASSP system in 1986. Westmoreland County has the following CASSP activities:

  • Quarterly CASSP/ICSP meetings
  • CASSP Community Team meetings (Located in Greensburg, New Kensington, and Monessen)
  • CASSP representatives assigned to school districts

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1. What is CASSP?
2. What is a CASSP team meeting?
3. How can a CASSP team meeting help schools prevent truancy?
4. What a CASSP meeting cannot do
5. Is there a cost to host a CASSP team meeting?
6. Who attends a CASSP meeting?
7. What is the role of the CASSP school representative?