How are jurors selected to serve for jury duty?

Every year, the Jury Service Center receives a list from Harrisburg of over 250,000 potential jurors from Westmoreland County. Those names are drawn from multiple sources including, voter registration, driver’s license, tax records and welfare records. Westmoreland County receives the potential juror names electronically from the State. Each month, the Jury Service Center randomly draws the names of jurors who will be summoned for jury service for a particular month. Juror summonses are then mailed out to potential jurors. If an individual is not a resident of Westmoreland County and receives a jury summons, the individual's name must still be linked to Westmoreland County as a resident via one of the sources used by the State to develop the list of potential jurors for Westmoreland County. The individual may need to make any necessary changes or corrections with any of the above offices (voter registration, driver’s license, and tax or welfare records) to indicate that he or she is no longer a Westmoreland County resident.

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2. How are jurors selected to serve for jury duty?
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