What are the steps to get a Final PFA Order?
To file for a PFA Order you must:
  1. Complete a petition for a Temporary PFA at the Court Administrator's office
  2. Present the petition to the PFA judge
  3. File the PFA petition and Temporary Order in the Prothonotary's office
  4. Take copies of the PFA order to your local Police department and to the County Sheriff department (located in the basement of the Courthouse) for service

You will be scheduled for a final PFA hearing the week following the issuance of the temporary order.

Obtaining a Temporary PFA Order may require several hours to accomplish. The time needed is dependant upon the availability of the PFA Judge. In addition, you will also need to be available for several hours or perhaps all day to appear in Court on the date of your hearing for a Final PFA Order. You should make suitable arrangements with your employer and child care provider.

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