Who can get a PFA?
In order to petition the Court for a PFA, you must be, or have been, in a relationship with or a family member of the person against whom you want to file. You must be 18 years or older, or have a legal guardian with you to file an PFA.

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1. What is a PFA?
2. What is abuse under the PFA Act?
3. Who can get a PFA?
4. What can a PFA prohibit?
5. How does the PFA Process work?
6. Where do I call or go for assistance to obtain a PFA?
7. What are the steps to get a Final PFA Order?
8. What is an indirect criminal contempt?
9. If a violation occurs, what should be done?
10. What other resources are available to assist with the PFA process and counseling in domestic abuse situations?