Deposit Money

Payment types

Cash - Use TouchPay's Lobby Kiosk
Credit/Debit Cards accepted at Lobby Kiosk, 
Online or Phone: (toll-free) 1-866-232-1899
Money Order - Payable to the inmate and sent by US Mail to:
              Westmoreland County Prison
              3000 S Grand Blvd
              Greensburg, PA 15601

Necessary Automated Deposit Information

Westmoreland County Prison, Facility #715601, Inmate Name 
and Booking ID#

There is a convenience fee to use automated payment services.
Inmate account balance limit will not exceed $400.00

Billing and Checking account statements will show Inmate Payment as the payee.
Click on a tab below for steps for each deposit method.

  1. Lobby Kiosk Deposits
  2. Internet Deposits
  3. Toll-free Phone Deposits
Location Payment Types Information Required Process
Westmoreland County Prison
​3000 S Grande Blvd
​Greensburg, PA 15601
Cash, MasterCard and 
Visa credit and debit cards
Facility #715601,
Inmate name and 
booking ID #
Follow prompts and receive receipt when complete