Mountain Bike Unit

About Us

The Westmoreland County Park Police Mountain Bike Patrol Unit was originally formed in 2008, with funding from the Westmoreland County Commissioners.

The purpose of the mountain bike patrol unit is to perform highly visible patrols, public relations and crime prevention. It places the officers in more contact with public and helps the officers maintain contact with the park patrons. It gives the officers the ability to get out of the patrol vehicles to put them in a one-on-one contact with the public. Westmoreland County holds several special events within the county parks system that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Officers on Bike Patrol

The Westmoreland County Park Police currently has four officers assigned to bike patrol. The officers are members of the International Police Mountain Bike Association. All officers received extensive training and are currently certified. Officers attended training in York County, Pennsylvania and Delaware, Ohio.

Benefits of Police Mountain Bikes

Bikes are Cost Effective

The bikes operational cost is much less then that of a patrol vehicle. There are no fuel costs and the maintenance is very inexpensive, this also makes the bikes environmentally friendly.

Bikes are Faster & More Versatile

Our officers can gain access to areas that are not accessible by a patrol vehicle. Officers can make it throughout areas in our parks by cutting through wooded areas and trails. During special events the bikes can make it through large crowds much easier.

Bikes Make a Healthier Officer

The operation of a mountain bike enables the officers to stay healthier for the operation of the bike. Due to the demanding nature of the training and the daily operation officers are encouraged to stay physically fit. The officers spend their entire patrol shift operating the bike in all kinds of conditions.