Weapons Policy

Image of prohibited weapons

Notice to the Public

It is an offense under Section 913 of the Crimes Code of Pennsylvania to knowingly possess a firearm or other dangerous weapon in a court facility, or to knowingly cause a firearm or other dangerous weapon to be present in a court facility, except as specifically authorized by law.

Weapons Check

Facilities for the temporary checking of firearms by persons lawfully carrying firearms by virtue of license issued pursuant to 18 Pa.C.S.A.§6109 or because of a statutory exemption from licensing requirements under 18 Pa.C.S.A.§6106(b) are located at the main entrance to this building.

Secure Firearms Storage

The Westmoreland County Park Police provide secure lockers to visitors and law enforcement for the storing of firearms. The lockers are located at the courthouse annex main entrance and the extension building entrance. Individuals desiring to store their firearm while in the building must declare they have a firearm or weapon to the officer.

Sample Classification of Weapons

Below listed are examples of different types of weapons that will be confiscated. Refer to definitions (section V.1.) for further explanation.

Weapons having a lawful purpose:
  • Firearms, either loaded or unloaded, operational or non-operational
  • Knives (knives are defined as any instrument with a blade capable of cutting)
  • Utility knives with a retractable razor blade
  • Martial arts weapons
  • Hammers
  • Crow-bars and pry-bars
  • Any type of mace or tear gas
  • Any type of glass containers
  • Ice pick

Weapons that do not have a lawful purpose (prohibited offensive weapons PA Crimes Code 908):
  • Explosive devices
  • Blackjacks (law enforcement officers exempted)
  • Metal knuckles
  • Two-edged knives (daggers)
  • Automatic, mechanical opening knives (switch blades)
  • Weighted pipes