About Us

The Westmoreland County Park Police Department is a branch of the Westmoreland County Department of Public Safety and is currently under the direction of Henry Fontana, Chief of Police. Department structure consists of the Chief of Police, 2 Captains, Lieutenant and Office Manager with the rest of the department consisting of 31 full-time officers and 10 part-time officers. Within the ranks of the full-time officers, the department has 4 corporals and one K9 officer. Currently, all officers are Municipal Police Officer Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) certified.

When initially established, the department provided patrol coverage and security to the four county parks and the Westmoreland County Courthouse. Over the years, the department has expanded to provide coverage at the parks, courthouse complex, Westmoreland Manor, Westmoreland Juvenile Detention, South Grande Blvd complex, Arnold Palmer Regional Airport, Westmoreland County Community College, Westmoreland Transit Authority (Greensburg terminal) and all associated property owned and leased by Westmoreland County.

Officers use foot patrols, marked police vehicles and off-road vehicles to patrol these locations and the yearly summer events in the parks hosted by the Parks and Recreation Department and the Westmoreland County Airshow.