Juvenile Detention/Shelter

The Westmoreland County Regional Youth Services Center provides short-term care for male and female youth age 10 to 21* in need of emergency shelter or placement in secure detention. Our secure detention facility houses up to 16 alleged delinquent or adjudicated delinquent juveniles awaiting disposition of the court. The youth shelter with 8 beds, is a non-secure facility maintained separately from detention for dependent and delinquent youths.
The staff works to minimize the negative effects of confinement, focusing on protecting the community when juveniles cannot remain with parents when placement in shelter care is inappropriate.

From a 2015 letter from a former shelter resident:

"When I first showed up, you welcomed me with open arms. I was shy at first, but once I started trusting you all I was able to open up and talk more...I had some very tough times and you all were there for me...When I got caught skipping school I lost your trust and you were very upset with me, but you were still there for me and you helped me learn from my mistake."

Renovated in 2010, the Center boasts attractive, well-lit common spaces including a TV lounge, library, and and outdoor basketball and recreation area. Current rates are Per diem: $199.00 for Detention and $190.00 for Shelter.
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*18-21 year olds accepted providing they have agreed to or have been court ordered to remain in the custody of the placing county's Juvenile Probation or Children's Bureau.