Expansion & Relocation

Westmoreland County's Established Team of Professionals - Ready to Serve You

There's no way around it. A company's plant relocation, expansion, or startup takes planning. What does it take for that to be successful? The factors seem endless. But in reality, the success of planning and coordination depends on people. People who are willing to offer you more. 

Westmoreland County's exclusive team of economic development professionals can offer companies more with one-stop shop service! 
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Westmoreland Development Council

Unique to other counties in the Commonwealth, Westmoreland has combined the resources and expertise of private and public agencies by forming the Westmoreland Development Council to improve and coordinate economic development efforts in the county. 

This union of agencies is supported by the Westmoreland affiliates and provides a single point of contact for planning and coordinating your business needs. 

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience. It's the smart choice for your business!