Quality Management

DS Quality Management Plan

The mission of the Westmoreland County Quality Management Plan is to continually improve the administration of quality of developmental services to the citizens of Westmoreland County. The importance of data-driven decisions is emphasized and quality improvement occurs through the Plan Do Check Act methodology.


Westmoreland County BH / DS Advisory Board Evaluations

Westmoreland County Behavioral Health / Developmental Services (BH / DS) administrative office has developed a standard protocol for conducting the BH / DS Advisory Board Evaluations. Each year, in accordance with the Mental Health Act, outpatient is reviewed and two other services are selected for review on a cyclical basis. The standard protocol consists of: identifying three providers; requesting completion of a questionnaire by the provider; establishing an evaluation team which includes representation from the BH / DS Advisory Board, county administrative office, case management, advocacy groups and a consumer or family member.

The evaluation team process is conducted in stages. The county representatives review charts / records of consumers in the service. During the on-site visit, the complete team then reviews policies and procedures, the completed questionnaire, conducts interviews with staff, tours the site and provides the agency with feedback, recommendations and suggestions based on the information gathered.

Independent Monitoring for Quality (IM4Q)

This program is a part of the Office of Developmental Programs' quality management process guided by the values and principles of everyday lives. The IM4Q program utilizes independent monitoring teams to interview children ages three and over, and adults supported by the Office of Developmental Programs and their families. The IM4Q focuses on the quality of services and supports and organizes the information collected into the following categories:satisfaction, dignity, rights and respect; choice and control; relationships; and community involvement. Information from IM4Q is analyzed at a state and local level to evaluate the need for changes to the Office of Developmental Programs services system. View the most recent Westmoreland County IM4Q report developed by the Institute on Disabilities. Continue to full IM4Q page