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OBRA (Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act)

The OBRA act of 1987, requires that individuals with a diagnosis of mental retardation or other disabilities be screened prior to nursing home admission. A further evaluation is completed by the Office of Developmental Programs to determine the need for specialized services for the person while they are residing in the nursing home.

Carrying Identification Brochure (pdf) - Carrying identification that at least provides a person's name and emergency contact information is vital to everyone's safety and well being.
  • Emergencies happen when you least expect them
  • People can become separated from family/caregivers
  • In an emergency situation, people may be unable to communicate vital information
Incident Management - A state-wide web based system, developed by the Office of Developmental Programs, for the reporting of incidents that impact the health, safety, or well being of DS service recipients. A large component of this system is trend analysis that focuses on the prevention of incidents and quality improvement of developmental services both on a provider and state level.

Recognizing Abuse and Neglect