Development Regulations

Chapter 32 of the Act relates to the development of oil and gas resources (exploration and drilling functions). The goals of the chapter are to:
  • Permit optimal development of resources and the protection of the health, safety, environment and property of citizens.
  • Protect the safety of personnel and facilities employed in resource development.
  • Protect the safety and property rights of persons residing in areas where resource development occurs.
  • Protect the natural resources, environmental rights and values secured by the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Major Changes to Existing Law

Chapter 32 strengthens and creates new development standards for the industry. Below is a summary of those changes. For more information, one should refer to the Act or click a link under the Change column to go directly to that section of the Act.

Section Title Change
3203 Definitions New Provisions
3211 Well Permits New Provisions
3212.1 Comments by Municipalities and Storage Operators New Section
3215 Well Location Restrictions New Provisions
3216 Well Site Restoration New Provisions
3218 Protection of Water Supplies New Provisions
3218.1 Notification to Public Water Systems New
3218.2 Containment for Unconventional Wells New Section
3218.3 Transportation Records Regarding Wastewater New
3218.4 Corrosion Control Requirements New
3218.5 Gathering Lines New
3219.1 Well Control Emergency Response New
3222 Well Reporting Requirements New Provisions
3222.1 Well Reporting Requirements New Provisions
3225 Bonding New Provisions
3227 Air Contaminant Emissions New
3253 Enforcement Orders New Provisions
3254.1 Well Control Emergency Response Cost Recovery New
3256 Criminal Penalties New Provisions
3256 Civil Penalties New Provisions
3258 Inspection and Production of Materials, Witnesses, Depositions and Rights of Entry New Provisions
3262 Inspection Reports New