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Drilling Impact & Act 13

On behalf of the county commissioners, the Planning Department has incorporated a number of resources to:
  • Provide the county's municipalities with relevant information and guidance on the provisions of Act 13 of 2012
  • Inform the public about the act and the ways in which funds are being used in the county
  • Serve as a repository of relevant facts and figures

Current News & Events

Visit the following webpage for more information on shale gas, drilling impact, and Act 13.

County Commissioners Adopt Drilling Impact Fee Ordinance

On March 8, 2012, the Westmoreland County Commissioners adopted an ordinance enacting the provisions of Act 13 of 2012 for the imposition of an impact fee, also known as the Unconventional Gas Well Impact Fee.

Act 13 provides a mechanism by which an impact fee can be imposed on unconventional well drilling throughout the commonwealth. It further provides how the funds are disbursed from the Unconventional Well Fund (UWF) to statewide programs and initiatives and to the counties and municipalities that are experiencing impacts as a result of unconventional well drilling. The act also:
  • Creates the Natural Gas Energy Development Program for the purposes of increasing the use of natural gas for transportation
  • Strengthens existing environmental regulations and creates new standards for unconventional well drilling
  • Seeks to improve consistency among local zoning regulations throughout the state