Comprehensive Plan

In general, a county comprehensive plan is a land use and growth management plan that is updated every ten years which establishes broad goals and criteria for municipalities to use in preparation of their respective comprehensive plans and land use regulations.

Over the course of two years, we engaged the community through several phases of public dialogue. We worked hard to uncover what matters to residents and businesses, which informed the strategies of this Plan. In total, over 5,000 people were involved in the development of Reimagining Our Westmoreland, the Comprehensive Plan for Westmoreland County.

The overarching goal of the 2018 Comprehensive Plan is to enact strategies that will attract, develop, and retain a diverse and stable workforce that will sustain a healthy economy. To this end, the Plan is organized around seven core objectives including Align Workforce, Education, Employers, and Entrepreneurship; Discover Westmoreland; Reposition Our Towns; Connect with Parks and Nature; Build Healthy and Whole Communities; Plug into the New Economy; Create Transportation Choices.

If you, as an individual or organization, would like to assist in implementing any of the strategies or actions laid out in the Plan, please contact us at [email protected]

If you or your organization are already working to implement aspects of the plan, we want to hear about it! Please complete the implementation survey online here

View the comprehensive below. 

Comprehensive Plan Cover