HOME Program

Program Overview

Home Program Snapshot
The HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME) was established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (H.U.D.) in 1992. The county has participated since its inception.

In general, the Federal HOME Program allocates funds to local governments for the purpose of creating decent, safe, and affordable housing for low income families. The county provides such housing by various means. One method is to contract with private and public housing development organizations to acquire, rehabilitate, or construct new housing that is then made available to rent or sell to qualified low income families. We also contract with these organizations to bring existing homes up to standards for low income homeowners who cannot afford to repair their homes. In other cases, the county can provide assistance through the use of down payment and closing cost funds or rental vouchers for low income families.

Funding Eligibility

In making its decision on what projects to fund, the county focuses on the more urban areas where a positive social and economic impact is most needed. To leverage the limited funding received from H.U.D., projects that involve private and other nongovernment financing receive top priority, as do projects employing minority or women owned contractors.