Freight Rail

Railroads are the backbone of the nation's economy and a true American success story with more than 140,000 miles of track that delivers the things businesses need and consumers want. Freight rail is responsible for moving 43 percent of all intercity freight and one-third of the country's exports, generating nearly $265 billion in total annual economic activity.

Over the past ten years, the U.S. freight rail system has been experiencing a growing trend towards the use of intermodal facilities that provide a cost-efficient service combining two modes of transport - the movement of truck trailers or containers by rail and at least one other mode of transportation. Intermodal combines the door-to-door convenience of trucks with the long-haul economy of railroads.

Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad Rail Cars Loading Rail Yard Loading

Westmoreland County offers more ways to connect your business to the global marketplace with six railroads traversing its borders, including two major railroads, a short-line freight hauler and a world-class rail freight intermodal terminal!

This intermodal facility, known as the Westmoreland Logistics Park - Rail Freight Terminal, maximizes the use of a 33-mile railroad purchased by the WCIDC in 1995 and a site located at the county's major transportation hub near New Stanton.

The 33-mile track is home to Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad (SWP), a short-line freight hauler that connects users of the facility to an international rail network.

The county's terminal operator, Savage Safe Handling, is a full-service, bulk product transportation and toll processing company that operates some of the largest rail-to-truck transloading facilities in the United States.
Freight Rail
CSX - CSX Transportation
NS - Norfolk Southern
WLE - Wheeling & Lake Erie
SWP - Southwest Pennsylvania
TCIR - Turtle Creek Industrial
AVR - Allegheny Valley
Connecting to the rail network is key in that it enables the rail freight terminal to offer intermodal service and transportation with Canadian National Railway Company (CN), CSX, Norfolk Southern (NS) and Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Company (WLE).

Through an interconnect with WLE, customers can have direct access to the CN in Toledo. CN is the only transcontinental railroad in North America with a network that spans Canada and Mid-America. This network runs from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to the Gulf of Mexico, serving various ports between Vancouver, Halifax, and New Orleans.
CN Rail Connection

Passenger Rail

Amtrak's passenger train, the Pennsylvanian, operates once per day in each direction with two stations situated in Westmoreland County. The Greensburg Station, owned by the Westmoreland Cultural Trust, is located approximately 30 miles east of Pittsburgh at Harrison Avenue and Seton Hill Drive. The station was opened in 1912 by the Pennsylvania Railroad as part of a project to elevate the right-of-way as it passed through Greensburg.

The Latrobe Station is located about 40 miles east of Pittsburgh at 329 McKinley Avenue in Latrobe. The station is near the center of the city. The station was opened in 1903 also by the Pennsylvania Railroad as part of a project to elevate the right-of-way as it passed through Latrobe.

Amtrak Greensburg Train Station Greensburg Train Station Greensburg Main Line Dining Room