Incentives & Financing

Access to the Lowest-Cost Loans Available

Tasked with growing the local economy, Westmoreland Development Council is at the center of a lending network that provides access to the lowest-cost financing available at fixed rates for up to 20 years. Working as a public/private partnership with the Economic Growth Connection of Westmoreland (EGC), we partner with more than one dozen banks to find you the best loans as well as access to many state, local, and federal programs and incentives.

Westmoreland County's team can connect you with financial incentives including:

  • Loans for land acquisition, building construction, machinery and equipment, and working capital
  • Grants for customized job training
  • Tax credits for job creation
  • Tax incentives for job creation and investments in targeted geographic locations

Loan and Interest Rates:

Type Rate Date
Real Estate 3.75% (15 year)
2.75% (7 year)
Equipment 3.75% 1/2016
Working Capital & Accounts Receivable lines of credit 3.75% 1/2016
Pollution Prevention & Energy Efficiency 2.00% 1/2016
Loan and interest rates are subject to change.
In order for us to provide you with the best service, we need to learn about your specific needs. Your first step is to fill out the short pre-application form. Please be thorough and include as much information as possible. Once you hit submit, we will follow up in a timely manner to get the process started for you.

Financial Inquiry Form
Financial Inquiry Form
Available Programs
Available Programs

Economic Growth Connection of Westmoreland
Supported by local business leaders, individuals, and foundations, EGC is a private nonprofit membership-based organization established in January 2000 and governed by a board of directors. Through strong ties with government agencies and financial institutions, EGC identifies what assistance is available at all levels to help your business obtain the greatest amount of low cost financing.

If you have specific questions, please feel free to call the EGC directly at
(724) 830-3604.