Business Outreach Program

Keys to Success

Sometimes the biggest challenge for small business is finding out where they can go for assistance, as well as working through the system to get the support needed without interrupting their business operations.

The goal of the Business Outreach Program

operated by the WCIDC is two-fold: providing a single point-of-contact for all of your business needs, and helping to identify resources to assist you in succeeding in today's competitive environment.

The program provides manufacturers with an advocate whose business is to know how to leverage resources to encourage growth. Working with the Westmoreland Affiliates, this free business assistance program has often helped businesses in receiving assistance with workforce training and recruitment, exporting, strategic and business planning, financing and more.

The first step is scheduling a one-on-one visit with the WCIDC. During this meeting you can discuss your operations, needs, and plans for the future. Kim Donnelly, Business Development Director, can be reached directly at (724) 830-3606.

Westmoreland Affiliates

The WCIDC is supported by a strong network of agencies. The coordinated efforts of these agencies provide a streamlined approach to economic development, namely business retention and expansion.