Estate Cases

Estate cases are assigned to a judge by the Register of Wills office when the first issue is raised.

The miscellaneous judge hears audits. The dates of the audits and the final day for filing the first and final accounts are advertised in the Westmoreland Law Journal.

Approved Westmoreland County forms including the Petition for Distribution, Decree and Certificate of Award of Real Estate can be obtained on this page and at the Register of Wills office. Attorneys must present the petitions for distribution and proposed decrees to the Orphans’ Court administrator for review prior to the audit date (See: Westmoreland County Orphans’ Court Rule WO102(d)). There is no need to attend audit court unless there are objections to the audit.

Parties must file written objections to an audit with the Register of Wills office. The objecting party must serve a written copy of the objections with the attorney of record. The objecting party must present a copy of the objections to the assigned judge along with a scheduling order to schedule a hearing on the objections.

Settlement of Minor Claims

If no settlement of minor claim has been filed in civil court, the Register of Wills will assign the case to one of three Civil / Orphans' court judges.