Judicial Assignments

Family Court Judicial Assignments

Case Type
Family Court (Custody, Divorce, Support)
  • Assigned to one of four judges
  • Assigned by defendant's last name
    • A to Fa - Judge Stewart
    • Fb to K - Judge Bononi
    • L to Ri - Judge Silvis
    • Rj to Z - Judge Walsh
Protection from Abuse
  • Protection from abuse permanent hearings and indirect criminal contempts for violations of a PFA order are held on Monday and Tuesday by the weekly PFA judge. The weekly PFA judge is assigned on a rotational basis among two family judges as listed on the Family Court Calendar.
Juvenile Court, Children's Bureau, and Terminations / Adoptions
  • Are assigned on a rotational basis. Two of family court judges will be assigned to hear juvenile adjudications and any shelter care cases as they arise. Two of the family court judges will hear children's bureau adjudications/reviews and terminations and Adoptions. Cases initially assigned to the judge belong to that judge for all future hearings
  • Terminations and adoptions arising from Children's Bureau cases are assigned to the judge who held the adjudication. Termination and adoptions for private adoptions will be assigned alphabetically pursuant by the oldest adopted child's last name. Alphabetical assignments follow the same split by judge as does custody, divorce, and support.