Motions Court

Family Motions Practice

Judge Day/Time Phone Fax
Judge Bononi Tuesday @ 1:00 PM and Thursdays @ 1:00 PM
Please fax a courtesy copy of the Motion to Chambers prior to scheduling the motion. 
(724) 830-3365 (724) 830-3090
Judge Silvis Monday & Friday at 8:45 AM by Cisco WebEx Meeting. No parties appear in person. 
Opposing party must call chambers by 8:45 am on the scheduled time
(724) 830-3492 (724) 853-4650
Judge Stewart Wednesday & Thursday at 8:45 AM (724) 830-3489 (724) 830-3681
Judge Walsh Tuesday & Thursday at 9:00 AM (724) 830-3782 (724) 830-3194

Contested motions must be scheduled for (4) days in advance of presentation with notice to all parties. Call the Judge's Chambers to schedule. The Family Court Judges hear motions on the following dates and times, unless otherwise indicated by the Judge's chambers:

Uncontested motions/petitions, scheduling orders and consent orders (including continuances) may be dropped off at chambers at any time for review and signature. All uncontested motions, petitions and consent orders must be either verified by signature or expressly state “consented to by all parties” within the motion.

Emergency petitions can be brought to chambers by mail, fax or hand delivery. If the Court deems it necessary, an expedited hearing will be scheduled before the Court. After the time and date are assigned, the filing attorney/party must give notice of the expedited hearing date to the opposing party and/or counsel.