Civil cases filed in which the amount in controversy is $30,000 or less are automatically referred to arbitration as the means of resolving the dispute.

Arbitration is scheduled one or two days each month. A panel of three arbitrators who are attorneys preside over arbitration cases. To place a case on the next available arbitration case list, either party can file a Certificate of Readiness for Arbitration with the Prothonotary's office and file a copy with the Court administrator’s Office.

Continuance of a case from an arbitration date must be addressed to the court administrator’s office provided the continuance is uncontested and the case has not been continued more than twice. All other continuances are presented to the judge.

Specific rules governing Arbitration and appeal of Arbitration awards can be found in the Westmoreland County Rules of Civil Procedures W1301 - W1312 and applicable supreme court rules.