Criminal Court of Common Pleas

  • C A Feliciani, Judge
  • M Bilik-DeFazio, Judge
  • T A Krieger, Judge
  • S O Mears, Jr., Judge

  1. 2022 Criminal Trial Term 
    January 20-28July 18-22
    February 10-18August 15-19
    March 21-29September 19-23
    April 18-26October 17-21
    May 16-20November 14-18
    June 20-24December 5-9

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    Judges in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are prohibited by the judicial rules of ethics from discussing cases with members of the public. Please do not contact the chambers of judges to ask questions about cases, to discuss cases or to comment on cases. Judges and their staffs are unable to respond to such communications. Judges are also prohibited from reading e-mails or letters regarding cases. In addition, court personnel are prohibited from giving legal advice. All court filings must be made through the proper filing office. 

    Amy Mears DeMatt, District Court Administrator