Court Administration

The Court Administrator's Office advises and assists the president judge in the management and administration of the courts, Adult Probation, Domestic Relations, Juvenile Probation, and the Law Library. The Court Administration Office administratively supports the Westmoreland County Court System and coordinates the efficient operations of the eight interdependent court departments.

Proposed Plan for Re-Establishing Magisterial Districts

Jury Trial Terms

  1. 2023 Civil Trial Terms
    January 3-13July 3-14
    March 6-17September 5-15
    May 1-12November 6-17
  2. 2023 Criminal Trial Terms 
    January 17-23July 10-14
    February 6-10August 7-11
    March 20-24September 11-15
    April 17-21October 2-6
    May 1-5November 13-17
    June 5-9December 4-8