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Criminal Court Judges:

  • Christopher  A. Feliciani, President Judge
  • Meagan Bilik-DeFazio, Judge
  • Timothy A. Krieger, Judge
  • Scott O. Mears, Judge

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  1. Judge Smail's December 29th Motions

    The Honorable Harry F. Smail, Jr. will not be hearing Civil or Orphans' Court motions on Friday, December 29, 2023. Counsel should make arrangements to present on a prior or subsequent Friday.
  2. Judge Scherer's Jan 2024 Call and Trial Term

    The Honorable Chris Scherer will hold the call of the list for the January 2024 trial term on Wednesday, December 27, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. The January 2024 trial list is available on our County Website. Additional Info...
  3. December 2023 Arbitration list

    The Westmoreland County December 2023 Arbitration List is now available on the county website. Additional Info...
  4. Judge Bononi Motions

    Effective November 14, 2023, the motions procedure before the Honorable Michele G. Bononi is amended as follows: counsel shall fax a courtesy copy of the motion to chambers, at 724-830-3090, prior to scheduling the motion.
  5. Judge Smail November 24 Motions

    The Honorable Harry F. Smail, Jr., will not be hearing Civil or Orphan's Court motions on Friday, November 24, 2023 due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Motions will instead by heard on Wednesday, November 22, 2023 at 9:00 a.m.
  6. 2023 November Arbitration List

    The Westmoreland County November 2023 Arbitration List is now available. Additional Info...
  7. November 2023 Civil Tria Lists

    The Civil Trial Lists for November 2023 are now available on the county website. Additional Info...
  8. Update to Local Formal Arraignment Rule

    The Westmoreland County Local Rule WC571 pertaining to formal arraignment has been updated to reflect the process that is currently being used by the Courts. Please take a look at the Rule. Additional Info...
  9. Custody Hearing Officer

    The Westmoreland County Courts are looking for a new Custody Hearing Officer to handle custody conciliation conferences and be crossed trained for Juvenile, Dependency, and Divorce All Counts Conferences. Starting salary is $58,420.04/yr. Additional Info...
  10. Scam Alert Sign

    Scam Alert

    A new scam call is going around where the caller identifies himself as a Deputy Sheriff. In some instances, they are using actual names of Deputies. They also have an app that has the caller ID display the main number to our office (724-830-3822). Read on...
  11. Judge Bilik-Defazio with MHA of Southwestern PA CEO Laurie Barnett Levine
  12. Certificate of Readiness for Arbitration

    In Westmoreland County a copy of the Certificate of Readiness for Arbitration must be served on the Civil Court Administrator. The Certificate of Readiness for Arbitration Form has been modified with this change and is available on the County Website.
  13. Scales of Justice sculptures above Westmoreland County Courthouse

    Court of Common Pleas and Magisterial District Courts

    Judicial Emergency in Tenth Judicial District (Westmoreland County) and Judicial Emergency Order Read on...
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