• PA MEDI is a free health insurance counseling program designed to help all Pennsylvanians who are Medicare eligible with health insurance concerns.
  • PA MEDI counselors are specially trained volunteers who can answer your questions about Medicare and provide you with objective, easy-to-understand information about health insurance.
  • PA MEDI services are free and all information is kept completely confidential.
  • PA MEDI counselors can provide printed materials that explain a wide variety of topics related to Medicare.

How We Help

  • Decide if a Medicare Supplemental insurance is right for you by explaining the way Medicare programs work
  • Understand your Medicare benefits by explaining what services are covered under Medicare parts A and B and your Medicare Summary Notice
  • Make informed choices about Medicare coverage options, including Medicare Advantage plans and Medigap policies
  • Understand the Medicare appeals process and assist with appeals paperwork
  • Select a Medigap insurance policy
  • Compare various health insurance plans to help you make the best plan choice
  • Explain financial assistance programs that may be available to assist in paying for your Medicare premiums, deductibles and coinsurance, as well as your prescription drug needs
  • Explain the Medicare prescription drug benefit
  • Make presentations on Medicare to your organization