Who Is Eligible?

All individuals considering or being considered for Dom Care placement in Westmoreland County will complete the following process:

  • An assessment to determine level of care is completed by the county Area Agency on Aging in which the individual resides.
  • A medical evaluation (MA 51) is completed that includes TB and RPR testing.
  • A Dom Care Aging Care Manager will assist the individual/family with the required application forms and eligibility requirements. This includes application for SSI supplement payment for Dom Care based on personal income levels.
  • A visit prior to placement to the Dom Care home or homes that are under consideration with a review of the rights and responsibilities of both the consumer and home provider.
  • At the time of placement an Agreement will be signed between the Home Provider and the Consumer (or Consumer's representative).
  • The Consumer or Consumer's representative will be responsible for paying the monthly payment to the Dom Care Home Provider and other financial responsibilities (rent rebate, burial arrangements, banking).
  • Re-certification and reassessment of need for Dom Care is completed on a yearly basis in which a medical evaluation is required.