About Dom Care Homes

What is a Dom Care home?
A Dom Care home is a private residential home certified by the Area Agency on Aging (AAA). Every home provides a 24-hour supervised living arrangement for individuals referred by the AAA. The program is for individuals who do not need nursing home or hospital care but do have mental, physical, or emotional impairment(s) that prevent them from living independently. All Dom Care homes retain a home-like setting and will have no more than three (3) dependent care residents at one time.
The goals of Dom Care are:
  • to provide a safe, supportive, community-based living arrangement for individuals who cannot live independently in the community;
  • to encourage and assist individuals in improving or maintaining their current level of functioning in a home-like setting;
  • to provide an alternative to institutionalization
Dom Care homes are certified by the AAA after complying with regulations established by the PA Department of Aging. The homes are monitored and inspected on a regular basis to ensure local fire and safety standards and Dom Care home standards. For more information on these standards and other state regulations governing the Dom Care program click on the following link:
Pennsylvania Code Title 6, Aging, Chapter 21 Domiciliary Care