Long Term Care / Housing Information


As we grow older, our housing needs sometimes change. When an individual is no longer able to live alone, there are several options, which may meet the need for a supportive living arrangement. Long term care is available in Westmoreland County in several forms.

The links on this page offer options for nursing homes, personal care homes, domiciliary care homes and assisted living in Westmoreland county. The Area Agency on Aging does not recommend or endorse any particular facility. It is important that the person who is choosing a place to live visits several likely homes and become educated about the choice being made. The homes vary widely in their atmosphere and should be chosen on the basis of the consumer feeling that all of his or her needs will be met in the most comfortable, at-home like setting. Take a few minutes to read through Things to Consider When Choosing a Long Term Care Facility.

Ombudsman Program

All consumers of long term care can take advantage of the services of the Ombudsman Program if they have problems or concerns when living in a long term care facility. The Ombudsman serves as a liaison to work with the resident or another person designated by the resident to resolve problems in the chosen arrangement.