Vision Center


The Vision Center provides a dilated eye examination and eyeglasses at a reduced fee. A licensed optometrist performs the eye examination, which includes screening for glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. The eye clinic is located at Westmoreland Manor in Greensburg.

Cost & Eligibility

The Vision Center uses a sliding fee scale. The consumer's and any spousal income determines the fee. The fee includes the examination and glasses. The sliding fee scale starts at $50. Progressive Lenses, Transitions, tints, anti-reflective coatings etc. are available for additional costs. Monthly payments are accepted.

Westmoreland County residents age 60 or older, who live in the community are eligible for Vision Center services through Area Agency on Aging. County residents residing in assisted living facilities, personal care homes, or Dom Care homes are also eligible. (Dom Care residents under age 60 are also eligible).

Other Information

  • The Vision center does not provide medical treatment for eye problems. If a medical problem is suspected, the consumer is referred to an ophthalmologist in the community.
  • The consumer is responsible for arranging transportation to the Vision Center. The taxi companies that participate in the Shared-Ride program can provide transportation.
  • A consumer can receive an eye exam every year. Eyeglasses are available every year if the consumer's prescription changes. If there is no change in prescription, eyeglasses are available every 2 years.