Facts to Know

Helpful Facts

  • Children in WCCB care range from a few days old to 21 years. Some of these children have emotional or behavioral problems and may have difficulty in school.
  • The WCCB retains legal custody of all children that it places in resource homes - until they return to their families or are adopted. Resource families make routine decisions that affect the child, but major decisions are made with the involvement of the caseworker or other WCCB agent.
  • WCCB covers: daily board and medical assistance for a child's medical and dental expenses. We also provide 24-hour emergency support, ongoing training for care-givers, and respite if you need it.
  • Every child under WCCB care has a caseworker
  • Resource homes can have up to six children, including your own children.
  • Resource parents can work full-time outside the home, as long as appropriate arrangements are made for child care.