Employment Opportunities

With the exception of the Agency Administrator, all Children and Youth staff members are Civil Service employees. This means that they must have met State Civil Service education and training guidelines, and passed tests appropriate to their respective position prior to appointment.

Upon employment, all professional staff members must continue education and training. The Pennsylvania Child Welfare competency Based Training program is the largest of it’s kind in the U.S. All caseworkers must successfully complete 15 C.O.R.E. courses and complete pre and post training assessments to gain certification. 20 hours of continuing education per year is required to maintain certification.

Casework Supervisors must attend a supervisory training series consisting of 10 days (60 hours) to attain certification and attend a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education per year to maintain their certification.

The most common position classifications used in this category are:
  • Casework Managers
  • Casework Supervisors
  • Caseworkers
  • Case Aide

Support Staff

As with casework staff, support staff are all civil service employees. The same procedures apply concerning experience, training and testing. The most common position classifications in this category are:
  • Fiscal Officer
  • Fiscal Technician
  • Fiscal Assistant
  • Clerk
  • Administrative Officer
  • Administrative Assistant, Clerical Supervisor
  • Clerk Typist
  • Clerk Steno

Civil Service Website

To determine if the Civil Service Commission is currently testing for any local government positions, it is necessary to either call the commission at a location near you or check the Civil Service website and look for the appropriate job announcement.

Some commission locations are:
  • Harrisburg- (717) 783-3058
  • Philadelphia - (215) 560-2255
  • Pittsburgh - (412) 565-7666