Photo Contest Winners - Employee

Places Category

1st - Mike Caggeso, WCCB

Sunset over fields behind Tastyland in Hempfield Twp

2nd - Tawyan Pandullo, Recorder of Deeds

Trestle Scottdale

3rd - Miranda Claar, Courts - Silvis

Courthouse Greensburg

People Category

1st - Courtney Hart, Controllers

Baby in Leaves Mammoth Park

2nd - Kyli Stoner, Commissioners

Photo of little girl looking Alice in Wonderland Art in the Alley in Greensburg

Nature Category

1st - Emily Craig, DA's

 Leaf Forbes State Forest

2nd - Jamie Raviart, AAA

Black Dog with ball

3rd - Larissa McGrew, Courts - Bononi

 Indian Lake North Huntingdon