Rules for Excusals / Postponements

Excusal & Postponement Requests

  • If you are at high risk due to age or underlying issues and want to be excused, fill out form below.
  • Jurors who want to be excused or postponed from jury duty must state the reason(s) for the request under question #14 on the juror questionnaire.
  • Postponement of jury duty means that the juror is not required to report on the summoned date, but will be summoned at a later date.
  • A physician’s letter is required for excusal from jury duty for medical reasons. Other reasons for excusal are reviewed and evaluated pursuant to court policy.
  • Jurors receive a prompt response in writing or by email upon submitting excusal / postponement requests.
  • Jurors who have submitted the Juror Questionnaire and then realize that they have a problem serving must request an excusal or postponement by sending/faxing a letter to the address/phone numbers in the right column, or using the form below:

Request an Excusal or Postponement Opens in new window

Jurors Failing to Report To Duty

  • Jurors who fail to report for jury duty and have not been excused or postponed from service are accountable to the court.
  • Jurors may be scheduled for a contempt hearing before the court and may be fined, imprisoned for a term not exceeding 10 days or both for failure to report, pursuant to 42 Pa C.S.A. Section 4584.


Disqualifications are not granted based on occupation, religion or personal circumstances.