Human Services Fair

Westmoreland County’s Department of Human Services Fair to Celebrate Community Collaboration and Empower Individuals Receiving Services

The highly anticipated Department of Human Services (DHS) Annual Fair will be held at the Westmoreland County Community College on July 13th from 10 am to 3 pm. This exciting fair aims to showcase the services available in Westmoreland County, celebrate community collaboration, and empower individuals receiving services. The event will mark the launch of the newly integrated DHS by presenting the new long-range plan after the commissioners' meeting.

WCDHS Fair announced on North Huntingdon Billboard
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"The DHS Fair provides a wonderful platform to highlight the collaborative efforts we have made to enhance the quality of life for Westmoreland County residents. Through the utilization of opioid settlement funds and recognizing the achievements of our community partners, we are dedicated to making a positive impact," said Gina Cerilli Thrasher, Secretary.

The DHS Fair goes beyond acknowledging the accomplishments of our community partners; it also serves as a catalyst to empower individuals receiving services. DHS Director Rob Hamilton, speaking from his personal experience, emphasized the importance of providing resources and support for individuals to thrive. "The DHS Fair is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate our community partners and empower individuals receiving services in Westmoreland County," he stated.

The DHS Fair will also name the recipients of the ARPA Human Services Grants. These grants are specifically focused on addressing mental health needs, homeless prevention, children and youth services, and workforce development throughout the county. This further demonstrates our commitment to investing in the well-being and prosperity of the community.

This year’s fair will shine a spotlight on the establishment of the Department of Community Relations and Prevention, along with the United Way 211 partnership for coordinated entry across Westmoreland County. The event will feature a review of the DHS annual report and discussions on the future plans of the Department.

"By establishing the Department of Community Relations and Prevention under the DHS, we are taking proactive steps to address the needs of our residents. The DHS Fair provides an ideal platform to discuss future plans, announce the grantees, and celebrate the invaluable work of our community partners," said Chairman Sean Kertes.

"At the DHS Fair, we are showcasing our unwavering commitment to providing essential resources and support to those who need it most. Through various services and activities, we are demonstrating our dedication to improving the lives of Westmoreland County residents," said Commissioner Douglas Chew.