Drone Resource

Aerial Drone view over damaged property

Providing Aerial Assessment and Incident Support

Westmoreland County Department of Public Safety offers a drone resource for first responder entities within the County during response incidents. These services are made possible through our DJI Drone with infrared and video. The capabilities and portability of this response tool offers assessment and situational observation of preplanned and emergency incidents and can be easily deployed by our FAA Licensed Drone pilots.

How can drones be used in emergency response?

The use of drones in emergency response can be "eyes in the sky" and can provide a complete picture for situational awareness and decision-making tactics. From a missing person search, to weather related emergency, and incidents involving hazardous materials, drones are keeping responders safe and aware.

Drones are being used in a variety of ways across multiple disciplines to increase response and recovery efforts and enhance emergency response capabilities.


Want to learn more?

Call our office at 724-600-7300 to speak with one of our Licensed Drone Pilots.

We look forward to working alongside your agency as we enhance response capabilities!

Shareable Resources:  Drone Flyer (pdf)   DPS Drone Letter (pdf)