Swift Water Rescue Teams


In 2019 the Westmoreland County Swift Water Rescue Steering Committee was created to develop a Swift Water Rescue Operations plan for county-wide events. Since the first meeting, membership has grown and relationships have been fostered between the Swift Water Rescue Teams throughout the region. The committee brings members of fire departments, EMS agencies and public safety together to accomplish the goal of having a SWRT response close to any incident during a county-wide event. 

SWRT Committee Accomplishments

  • Development of the Swift Water Rescue Operations Plan
  • Quarterly meetings are held discussing training, incidents, and certification of teams.
  • Familiarization of equipment between agencies and departments.


The Department of Public Safety would like to thank the following Swift Water Rescue Teams for being involved in the committee:

  • Collinsburg Volunteer Fire Company SWRT
  • City of Greensburg Fire Department SWRT and Public Safety Dive Team
  • Fort Allen Volunteer Fire Department SWRT 
  • Lower Kiski EMS SWRT and Public Safety Dive Team
  • Murrysville Medic One SWRT and Public Safety Dive Team
  • North Huntington EMS/Rescue SWRT Team 214
  • Penn Township Ambulance SWRT 
  • Scottdale Volunteer Fire Department SWRT
  • Sutersville Volunteer Fire Department SWRT 
  • Westmoreland County SWRT Team 175
  • Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission